Home to over 8 million objects, the British Museum contains artefacts from cultures around the world. Though only 1% of these are typically on display at any one time, this is still over 80,000 objects and spans traditions from Australia to Argentina. While we often think of it as housing material from far-off cultures, often taken centuries ago, its work is ongoing and they ensure that contemporary material both clearly important and seemingly mundane are gathered and stored for future generations.

On this excursion, you will have a guided tour of exhibits at the British Museum, after which you will be able to explore the museum until it closes at 5pm. After this, you will make your own way back to your accommodation.

Key Information

  • We will be assembling the group outside the City and Guilds building on Imperial campus (see number 4 on the map below, or go to https://w3w.co/mats.police.spite) at 1.15 pm.
  • We aim to leave Imperial by 1.20pm and walk 10 mins to South Kensington station.

  • We will take the Piccadilly Line to Holborn station.

  • We will exit the station and walk to our meeting point in Bloomsbury Square Gardens (See Pink X on the Holborn map below, or go to https://w3w.co/host.love.duck). If you prefer to make your own way, you may meet us here at 2 pm.
  • After regrouping, we will go into the museum together. This is likely to involve a bit of queueing as there are bag checks to enter the museum.

  • After the tour (approx. 4.30 pm), you will make your own way back to your accommodation etc.

  • If you are heading back to Imperial directly from the British Museum, the most straightforward route is back the way you came. Walk to Holborn tube station and take the Piccadilly Line to South Kensington.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ICAP team.