Sunday evening: Welcome Reception at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Monday evening: Public lecture by Simon Singh
From Theorems to Serums, From Quantum Cryptology to Curious Cosmology … and The Simpsons

Join Simon Singh, on a whistle-stop tour through two decades of his bestselling books. Fermat’s Last Theorem looks at one of the biggest mathematical puzzles of the millennium; The Code Book shares the secrets of cryptology; Big Bang explores the history of cosmology; Trick or Treatment asks some hard questions about alternative medicine; The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets explains how TV writers, throughout the cartoon’s 25-year history, have smuggled in mathematical jokes. Simon will also talk about his current efforts to increase the number and diversity of excellent mathematicians and physicists.

Tuesday evening: Piano Concert by Alexei Grynyuk


  • Beethoven 32 variations in C minor (WoO 80)
  • Schubert sonata No 21 in B flat (D960).

Wednesday afternoon: Excursions

Thursday evening: Dinner at the Natural History Museum

Friday afternoon: lab tours at the National Physical Laboratory