What is ICAP?

ICAP is the International Conference on Atomic Physics. It is the premier conference for the field of atomic, molecular and optical physics. ICAP has played a pivotal role in advancing this field since it was first held in 1968. This will be the 28th in the conference series.

Where is ICAP?

ICAP-28 will be held at Imperial College London (see campus map), a stunning location at the cultural heart of London where you will find some of the world’s most brilliant museums and concert halls and a tremendously beautiful park.

Will it rain?

Not much. The average rainfall for the whole of July is about 4 cm. There will be more than 16 hours of daylight per day, and daytime temperatures are likely to be 20-25 degrees.

When is the registration deadline?

Standard registration (best price) closes on 1st April

When is the deadline for abstract submission?

June 1st

Where should I stay during ICAP?

See our Accommodation and Travel page. We offer a limited number of on-campus accommodations (bed and breakfast) in student halls for ICAP participants at a discounted rate. These are all within a short walk (2-5 minutes) of the conference venue. You can choose from single, twin and double rooms (twin rooms can be shared, but don’t have to be) at Prince’s Gardens. The rooms are basic. There are, of course, many hotel options with a wide range of prices. The College rooms are not air-conditioned. This is rarely a problem in London, even in July.

Can I split the cost of a twin room?

You will need to arrange this with your roommate. Our registration system is unable to split the cost of a twin room across two participants. We will ask for the name of your roommate.

Can I share a double room with my accompanying person?

Yes. Please reach out to the accommodation office (reservations@celestavenues.co.uk). There is an extra charge of £14 per night. This is not covered by the accompanying person’s fee.

Is the on-campus accommodation for students only?

No. We offer accommodation to all ICAP participants on a first come first served basis.

Can I stay in on-campus accommodation before/after the conference?

Yes, please contact our accommodation office (reservations@celestavenues.co.uk) and mention that you are participating at ICAP to get a discounted rate.

Can I stay in on-campus accommodation for fewer than five nights?

During registration, you can book a room in the student halls only for the entire conference duration (five nights from Sunday, with Friday checkout). Checking in/out on a different day is possible, but you will still be charged for five nights.

Do the on-campus rooms have air conditioning?

No. But they do have windows.

What is included in the registration fee for ICAP?

Please see the homepage for a detailed explanation.

What is the summer school-only option on the registration form?

It is possible only to attend the summer school at Oxford University but not the conference at Imperial College. Accommodation for the duration of the summer school is included in the summer school registration fee (standard rate: £695).

Why do I have to register an accompanying person?

Only registered participants can get access to the conference venue, the coffee breaks, the banquet, the reception and the piano concert. If you would like to bring a family member to any of these events please register them as an accompanying person. Children are exempt.

Why do I have to pay to register an accompanying person?

The accompanying person will receive a badge. This gives them access to the conference site, the refreshment breaks, the piano concert, the reception and the possibility to purchase a conference dinner ticket.

Why do I have to register for the reception at the Victoria and Albert Museum?

The reception is included in the registration fee for the conference. However, the event space has a limited capacity. Please let us know if you booked a ticket but cannot attend so we can release your reception ticket to another participant.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, but it is much slower and more difficult, both for you and for us. Please pay by credit card if at all possible. If you really, really, cannot pay by credit card, you can pay by bank transfer using the following steps:
1. Register for the conference. Complete all information and continue until you reach the page that requests your credit card details (see below). At this point, we have all the required registration information and you can close the browser window.

2. Send an email to icap2024@imperial.ac.uk to tell us that you need to pay by bank transfer and confirming that you have followed step 1. Make sure to give us your name! We will find your registration and send you an invoice along with the bank details for the transfer. This is a manual process so please be patient (you may need to wait a few days).
3. Once you’ve received the invoice and bank details, make the bank transfer.
4. Once we receive the funds, we will complete your registration and you will receive a confirmation email.

Who can attend the summer school at Oxford University?

The summer school is intended for PhD students.

Do I need a ticket for the piano concert on Tuesday?

Renowned British-Ukrainian concert pianist Alexei Grynyuk has appeared in some of the most prestigious concert halls globally and will deliver an exclusive evening performance at ICAP.
This is a ticketed event and is included in your registration fee. Please let us know if you have a ticket but are unable to attend so we can release your ticket.

Do I need to bring cash?

Debit and credit cards are accepted almost universally, including taxis and all public transport. It is very unlikely that you will need cash. Most Londoners no longer carry any and some places (especially food outlets) do not accept cash at all – this is true for most of the cafes at the conference venue. On public transport, you can tap your debit card on the reader (e.g. at the barriers at all underground stations) – make sure to tap in and out so that you are charged the correct amount.

Do I need a VISA to enter the UK?

Please see the Accommodation and Travel page for more details.

Do I need a ticket to use public transportation?

Contactless payment with your debit/credit card or device is accepted on all Transport for London means of transport and most airport transfer services. Please check the Transport for London website for disruptions before you travel.

Are meals included in the registration fee?

Light refreshments are offered during the coffee breaks. The conference site is close to many restaurants, allowing convenient lunch and dinner options. We will host a welcome reception and a conference banquet.

Is there any financial support available?

Yes. We are offering financial support to a small number of participants who would not otherwise be able to attend. Please see here for details.

What are good dinner options in South Kensington?

You need a reservation for most restaurants in the area.

££-£££ (Mains £20-30)
Hawksmoor (British): great steaks, seafood and cocktails.
The Abingdon (British): gastropub with good food.
Dishoom (Indian): excellent curries and biryanis.
Ognisko (Polish): outstanding Eastern European fare.
££ (Mains )
Rocca (Italian): pizza and good standard Italian food.
Stein’s (German): good German beer and a nice terrace at the back. The food is good but not outstanding
Jakobs (Armenian/Persian): Friendly, low-key home-cooked food. Lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and picnics all available.